• Community Grants

The Intuitive Foundation is proud to support the needs of our communities by providing grants to local organizations that align with our mission to promote health, advance education and reduce human suffering. These grants are intended to be used for self-contained special projects, with defined goals and timelines, that can be initiated and completed with the requested grant funds. They are not intended for general support.

Applications may be submitted at any point in the year, however, evaluations will be conducted quarterly.

Eligibility Criteria and Application guidelines

Community grants are available to secular 501(c)(3) registered charities, or equivalent charitable organizations, that have a defined special project need in a focus area aligned with the stated mission of the Intuitive Foundation.

Selection Process: Applicants must submit an application through the grant portal. Grant requests will be reviewed and scored by an internal selection committee on the following criteria:

  • Alignment with Foundation Mission with a specific focus on three areas:
    • Promoting health, both globally and in the communities where Intuitive employees live and work;
    • Advancing education especially focused on inspiring underrepresented students to pursue careers in health, science, and medicine; and
    • Reducing suffering by providing local and global disaster relief, and support for community charities.
  • Expansion of organizational capacity
  • Impact in underrepresented or underserved demographics
  • Clarity of program goals and objectives
  • Evidence of feasibility
  • Availability of required resources to complete

Expansion of Capacity: The Intuitive Foundation has limited resources to allocate in community grants. To maximize the impact of these grants, projects must be capacity-expanding to be eligible. Funding for the continuation of existing programs such as meal distribution, outreach programs, or blood drives, etc. will not be funded. However, a project that expands an organization’s capacity to distribute meals to a larger demographic, extend outreach to previously untapped areas, or conduct blood drives in a way that reaches larger populations are examples of capacity-expanding projects that are eligible for funding.

Submission Timing:  The Community grant program will have a rolling submissions process. Submission packets will be reviewed on a quarterly basis and must be completed before the last week of the quarter to be included in the reviews. Submissions completed after the last week will move into the next quarter for review. Notifications will be provided on the status of an award and will be available after the committee has completed their review. Grant funding will be available after the execution of a grant agreement and will be paid quarterly.

All grant recipients will be required to submit a final status report that details project results and conclusions. For grants over $5000, and a project timeline greater than 6 months, all grant recipients are required to submit a 6 month progress report in addition to the final report upon completion.

If the funded project does not take place, all funds awarded will be refunded to the Intuitive Foundation. If the project is terminated early, then a partial refund, with an accounting of the funds expended up to the termination date, will be provided by the grant recipient.

We regret that we cannot accommodate requests for an urgent review of a given application. For other questions regarding our grant process, please email grants@intuitive-foundation.org.

Note: The community grant program is expressly not intended for general funds support of charities. General support is available separately through our philanthropic matching program, and we are happy to speak with you about setting up a special fundraising drive and/or organized volunteering opportunity. For questions regarding this process, please email inquiries to philanthropy@intuitive-foundation.org.