• Robotic-Assisted Surgery Training Grants

The Intuitive Foundation is pleased to announce the availability of grants to support Robotic-Assisted Surgery Training programs hosted by surgical societies.

The purpose of these grants is to support curriculum and course development for clinical training programs in the fields of robotic-assisted surgery. Successful proposals will be submitted by surgical societies for the purpose of providing specialty-specific clinical training for robotic-assisted surgery to surgeons and surgical teams. Grants will be awarded to not-for-profit surgical societies worldwide.

Awards are conferred on a competitive basis by submission of a grant application.


The Foundation recognizes the need for specialty-specific programs to provide training on the clinical use of robotic-assisted surgical technology. This grant program will enable surgical societies to develop, validate, and deliver novel training programs that assist surgeons and surgical teams to advance their clinical skills in the field of robotic-assisted surgery.

Please note that grant funds cannot be used to support existing training programs.

Proposed programs should include the following phases:

  • Development of a new curriculum focused on clinical skills needed for robotic-assisted surgery.
  • Data collection and analysis to support curriculum validity.
  • Design of a course to deliver the curriculum to learners, including course material creation, design of hands-on training models if needed, faculty selection and train the trainer processes, facility selection if needed, attendee recruitment, attendee assessment at the conclusion of the course, and attendee follow-up after course completion.
  • Delivery of the course at least once. Recurring offerings of the course are encouraged.

Grant funds to support recurring courses will be eligible for renewal. Grant funds for the development and validation the curriculum will not be renewable.

Special consideration will be given to proposed programs allowing attendees to earn CME/CEU credits.

The Foundation encourages inclusion of all surgical team members in proposed programs. Highly desirable proposals will include training for surgical staff and will require minimal travel or time away from work.

Training content intended for surgeon learners should focus on those who are currently in practice and/or those who will enter practice within 12 months.

Eligibility and Application Guidelines


  1. Only proposals from not-for-profit surgical societies and will be considered.
  2. The submitting society must have been in existence for a minimum of 3 years prior to submission of the proposal.
  3. Proposed training program must focus on clinical training for robotic-assisted surgery in a specific surgical specialty.

Application Guidelines:

Applicants must submit a proposal using the link on this page. All applications will be reviewed by the Foundation’s Training Grant Committee and evaluated on the following criteria:

  1. Society’s experience in the fields of surgical education and robotic assisted surgery, including course development and administration.
  2. Relevance of proposed program for learners in the stated specialty.
  3. Methods for curriculum development and validation.
  4. Methods for creation of course materials and hands-on training models, if needed.
  5. Methods for selection of faculty and the train the trainer process.
  6. Methods for identifying, recruiting, and selecting course attendees.
  7. Methods for delivering the course.
  8. Methods for evaluating attendee success in achieving learning objectives and applying curriculum material, including follow-up for at least 12 months after course completion.
  9. Budget alignment with well-defined project milestones and with overall project timeline.

Submission Timing:

The Robotic-Assisted Surgery Training Grant program will have a rolling submissions process. Applications will be reviewed on a quarterly basis and must be completed before the last week of the quarter to be included in the reviews. Submissions completed after the last week will move into the next quarter for review. Notifications will be provided on the status of an award and will be available after the committee has completed their review. Grant funding will be available after the execution of a grant agreement and will be paid according to achievement of key milestones outlined in the grant agreement.

Please email grants@intuitive-foundation.org with questions regarding eligibility or preliminary review of potential proposals.

Grant Conditions

  • Multiple grants will not be funded simultaneously to any single-specialty surgical society.
  • Multiple grants to the same surgical society for different specialties will be considered.
  • Grants cannot be used to fund for-profit activities.
  • Grants are awarded to the host surgical society. If there are any changes in the society’s ability to develop and conduct the proposed training program, the Foundation reserves the right to reconsider the award.
  • Grant monies cannot be used to support existing training courses or programs.
  • Grant monies must be used to support expenses and activities associated with the development or implementation of the proposed program, which occur during the duration of the project timeline only.
    Indirect costs may not exceed 10% of requested budget.
  • All applicants selected to receive a grant will be required to submit mid-year and end of year progress reports for the duration of the grant. Reports must include accounting of grant funds.
  • Funded activities must begin within 6 months of receiving initial funds.
  • If the funded project does not take place, all monies awarded must be refunded to the Intuitive Foundation. If the project is terminated early, then a partial refund, with an accounting of the funds expended up to the termination date, will be provided by the grant’s program director.

Please email grants@intuitive-foundation.org with questions regarding the grant process.