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In 2017, Intuitive Surgical began working with the Science Museum, London to source and curate relevant da Vinci materials for inclusion in the “Medicine: The Wellcome Galleries” program that was then in its early design phase. The Foundation started on this project in October 2018, and on Nov. 16, 2019, the new medicine wing of the museum opened with an exhibit that included the first da Vinci system used in the U.K..

In 2019, the Foundation began working with the Surgeon’s Hall Museum in Edinburgh, Scotland to source appropriate da Vinci materials for inclusion in the History of Surgery Museum “Body Voyager” galleries (an entirely new wing). The new exhibit opened September 11, 2021 and now visitors to one of Scotland’s oldest museums can participate in a da Vinci Surgical console and simulation experience. Learn more about the exhibit by visiting the Surgeons’ Hall Museum’s website.

The museum program expanded in 2020 beyond the two museum projects to include collecting and storing duplicate sets of historically significant materials to preserve these items for inclusion in other history of surgery and history of medicine museum exhibits around the world. The program includes archiving not just hardware, but also photographs, videos, employee interviews, and other materials that document the development of robotic-assisted surgery.

Photo of the da Vinci featured in the Science Museum, London

Photo of the da Vinci featured in the Science Museum, London

Access the latest digital assets available for museum displays

To enhance your exhibit and tell an engaging story, the Museum Program offers various digital assets. We invite you to explore Intuitive Surgical’s Press Resources section and Intuitive Surgical’s YouTube channel for more videos to stream to your displays.

Here are a few specific videos we find particularly engaging for Museum audiences. Email us at outreach@intuitive-foundation.org to request additional resources that may support your unique design concept. Enjoy!

The Evolution of Surgery
Learn more about how robotic-assisted surgery is unlocking a new era of medicine on Freethink.com

Manufacturing Tour

Go behind the scenes with Intuitive Surgical’s Training Specialist Rolando to see how people and processes come together to create da Vinci Surgical Systems. Then, hear from healthcare providers on how robotic-assisted surgery has impacted their work and the patients they treat.

Please email outreach@intuitive-foundation.org with questions, to request support for your upcoming project, or to discuss donating or contributing your items or stories of historical significance to our program.