• Outreach Programs

Girls at The Tech

Created  and successfully executed a calendar of virtual events and camps for the remainder of 2020. Events include Girls Day at the Tech, Designing for Inclusion at the Tech, and Professional Development programs

Health Care Collaborative

Health Career Collaborative (HCC) is a three-year pathway program for high school students from low-income, ethnic and racial minority communities. Health professional students serve as volunteer program mentors and instructors. The program is initiated as a partnership between a medical school and a local, underserved high school. The HCC provides validated curriculum and a small grant to each partnership site.

Further details can be found at: https://healthcareercollaborative.com/

Robot Outreach Program:

Reach under-served high schools with Intuitive Surgical mobile systems and robotics curriculum to encourage enrollment in STEM majors as a path to medical device engineer.

Further details can be found at: https://healthcareercollaborative.com/intuitive-mobile-system-at-hcc-high-schools/


Technovation is a global education non-profit that empowers girls to identify community problems and create tech and engineering solutions. Every year, as a part of the Technovation Challenge, thousands of young women (ages 10-18) have worked in teams to code mobile apps that address some of the real-world challenges that impact them.  Last year, they had over 3,000 submissions from across 50 countries!

For more information please visit: https://technovationchallenge.org/

Wilson Butler Academy

This program developed a virtual robotics curriculum suitable for middle school students in Raleigh, NC.  Facilitating remote interactions between faculty and students by providing loaner technology for students to use to stay engaged for STEM summer learning.

Work Study

The work study program provides high school students with valuable work skills, instills accountability and confidence, and offers access to positive, professional role models. Partners receive well-trained, reliable workers and a proven resource to enhance workforce diversity.

For more information please contact: Intuitive.Foundation-Outreach@intusurg.com